Christmas Parade

Our Christmas parade will be held on Sunday December 17th at 12:30. Free hot chocolate will once again be served at 3 locations (In front of the school, corner of Main and Bechtel, and near the Emporium). Please bring your own mugs. Santa has also confirmed his attendance once again this year. Feel welcome to use the contact us page on this site with any questions about the parade.

After the parade the Optimists will be hosting their children’s Christmas party at the community center.

Remembrance Day New Dundee – Saturday the 4th.

Our annual Remembrance Day ceremonies will be held on Saturday November 4th. We hold it a week earlier than the 11th each year to so that our local dignitaries are able to attend.

Start will be in the school parking lot at 10:30am, and we’ll walk down to the park for the wreath laying ceremony.

If you know anyone who would like a wreath laid, please use the contact us form at the top of this website to reach out.

How much garbage does feeding 420 people produce?

Last week we fed 420 people a belly-busting meal of fish, chips, salads, and desert. How much garbage do you think we produced from the fish fry?

About 1/2 bag!

Led by ND Board of Trade member Alice Scott, our annual fish fry was on a mission to reduce waste to virtually nothing. We used biodegradable or reusable cloths for cleanup. Containers were recycled, as were cups for the cold drinks. Garbage cans were removed from the public area so that all plates and settings were brought back to the kitchen for sorting by board of trade members. All dishes and cutlery were sorted, all food scraps and paper napkings/placemats were also sorted and either composted or recycled. Alice led a virtual assembly line from trays of dirty dishes, through sorting, through to the dishwasher.

The small amount of garbage remaining was created mostly during the preparation and setup for the fish fry. We’ll be reviewing this to see if we can eliminate garbage completely for our next event.

A very cool initiative by the Board of Trade. Thanks Alice!

Fantastic turn out for the Fish Fry!

This Wednesday’s Fish Fry Dinner was a smashing success! Numbers aren’t confirmed yet, but an estimated 420 people came out to enjoy an excellent meal, served up by the Board of Trade and the Village Caterer. The weather was great, and the picnic tables were as full as the dining room. 


2017 Ambassador to the Fall Fair contestant

Amy and parents Linda and PaulThis year the New Dundee Board of Trade sponsored Amy Darkes as our representative for the Ambassador to the Fall Fair contest.

Amy is a Waterloo Oxford student and long time New Dundee resident (parents Linda and Paul Darkes, members of the ND BOT).

We’re all very proud to have such a strong confident young resident representing us at the fall fair. Thank you Amy!