Flag Project

You may have noticed the Canadian flags through the village that have now been replaced by the Christmas lights. We plan to have the flags up each year from Victoria day until just past the 1st of July, and then again for the month of November for our Remembrance day services.

You have may have been told by our volunteers that they were actually installing cameras.  Rest assured this is not the case, but I credit them for their witticism despite the freezing temperatures!

The flag project is an initiative of the Board of Trade and we’d love to hear your feedback. If anyone has any pictures of the flags, please share!

Welcome to our new website

This page is maintained by the Board of Trade, and we’re very excited about our new look. Feel free to browse around the site, and visit the various pages. We have included an interesting history of New Dundee, complete with some archive video footage, that shows a glimpse into our past. We’d like this page to be as interactive as possible, so please feel free to contact us, and tell us about yourself. We accept photo and video submissions, as well as text. The blog will be updated on a monthly basis, we’d love to hear your news.